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How to help a disabled

We are normalizing disabilities and autism in 45 days under the age of 12 years. We made it possible by using 6000 years old ancient technology by the spiritual visionary Guru Yogi Mohan.  If your child is struggling with any human conditions send us mail with case details. We shall evaluate it with a unique solution.

Award winner

It is new way of promise and unlimited possibility for human disability .It is award winning process to give consciousness and excitement for to the children with any kind of disabilities. Disabilities are medically conditions .But any conditions can be changeable using another condition. It is a law of nature and God. We know perfectly what to do for changing a disability.


Kids Paradise

We understand problems of children and why it happened . And we know how to change it using appropriate approach . Practically it can be changeable using the ancient ritual science. For every cause there is a reason especially in the matter of human disabilities and conditions. We normalize by creating another condition with spiritual terminology, is successful in all cases

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Latest project

Treat every child with autism and disabilities are our new project. We adopt such children for the period needed for normalizing.  And we make them normal in 28 days. This facility is reserved to underprivileged community across the world. During this period we provide food and accommodation for child and mother within our organized atmosphere .


We are indenting to do give technical training for more trainers to eradicate human conditions . This project is inviting more participation from the society.​

 Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors and we do not recommend any medicine or medical process. The service mentioned in this website or Heritage Campus is offering anything is by spiritual practice and fellowship.

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