Who we are

For heritage campus, we have a mission to serve the society in difficult situations.  Guru Yogi Mohan, the founder of the Heritage Campus, has an opportunity to live a long time with grate Himalayan yogis who have aware of the key secrets of living organisms.  His master, Sivaphrabhakara Yogi lived at the peak of the Himalayan Mountains for more than 50 years in his life. Living continually in the Himalayan peak is not possible to an ordinary human being, because it is difficult in a freezing climate from November to March. 

Himalaya has many secrets for nature and is the largest laboratory by nature itself. The spiritual tradition of the Yogis of Himalaya has much knowledge that connected with the interactions of the beings and nature.   For them, for anything and everything they have definitions and they use to teach it for the disciples. Most of them are new to the modern society and people. The yogic traditions are transforming their knowledge to the subsequent generation for the preservation of collective knowledge. And aiming with it is to teach disciples through an understandable language for every future tradition. For that, spirituality has been used to communicate as tools and literature. What they taught is the enumeration, definitions, and demonstrations of the problems in a human life span and the junctions of it.  The masters of the time interpreted and demonstrated the possible difficulties and its expected period are for defining the subsequent generations for the existence and survival. Hundreds of such information is in different patterns has been used and which is not popular in modern society.  
April 26th, 1986, the master of the last tradition has gone into Samadhi (super consciousness) after advising to Mohan, that “the world will not have the keys for the solutions for their problems and you have to teach them to survive”. Later Mohan became Guru Yogi Mohan and worked to write the theories for presenting to modern ways. That is the beginning of the formation of the Heritage Campus. 
And the real monk Sivaphrabhakara Yogi forecasted that in 2020 to 2030 will be the hardest time for the world and living organisms. And he advised to Guru Yogi Mohan to teach the society the techniques of survival during the difficult situations. He has mentioned the act of different repulsive and distractive forces and through that, the structure and chemistry of the beings will become changed. Guru Yogi Mohan working since 1986 for study, research, collections of the specimens, etc. for teaching the grate technologies of the ancient times. 
Now the difficult time comes for the world and it is our responsibility to educate the society the real facts and survival technologies. 
Our teaching programs are designed to connect ancient definitions are presenting here with the support of modern science and literature. We respect all religions believe that every religion is named itself by society.  The word Hinduism is not a formation. It was named by the time. The early development has been in the bank of river Indus and it became later the word Hindu. Indus is originating from Himalaya in the vicinity of Lake Manasarovar; Similarly, Buddhism, Jainism, Christian, and Islam are named later after started to teach the respective masters of the time. The school of religions in all times has been formed to educate the society and the definitions of religion and spirituality have been the language of education on those days. Similarly, modern science is also the religion of this time. Now we have modern science and its language to communicate the present matter.
Now, the major problems of society are antimicrobial resistance, rare disease, and disabilities. Our teaching programs are the perfect light to eliminate such problems and we are sure we can create a healthy and happy world.


We have four different courses right now. We regularly start a new course and new subjects when it demands as a solution. The present courses are for the solutions of Rare Disease, Antimicrobial Resistance(AMR), Aesthetic disorder and human disabilities.


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Guru Yogi Mohan

Master of Kayakalpa &


Kelly Hogan

Director, Course and administration