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The Heritage Campus is an innovation-based center to re-create human body and mind. We do care children with disability. We have a unique program for cure autism, learning disability, global developmental delay (GDD) Down Syndrome, Muscular dystrophy, genetic problems, hormonal disorder and all rare disease using 6000 years old ancient spiritual terminology without any medicine. It is lead by the Veda guru Guru Yogi Mohan, who has the working implementation knowledge of Buddhist cave science , Vedas, from Indology and Egyptian, Burmese and Himalayan technologies through his masters for recreation of body and achieving consciousness and excitement for mind .

We have in depth knowledge in an ancient technology called Kayakalpa application associated with Vaiklaya Nivarana Sasthra (disability elimination science) We are not only normalizing children from conditions but give training and technical knowhow for the teachers and parents of the disabled children.

As a proven technology, the approaches with it is capable to eradicate all human disabilities from earth.


It is first initiative to share the basic reasons for disabilities and human conditions and we hope with in span of next seven to ten years we can effectively establish a disabilities free formula. We are providing research guiding to researchers who is working under children and disability category. As per the ancient knowledge any or all disabilities cannot curable or treatable through any medical approach. for effective workable module of the administration of disabilities are through different approaches since 4000BC. It is founded and promoted by Guru Yogi Mohan. The main objective is to re -implement the ancient technical           information to the modern society as the part saving the universe. It is by implementing the ancient spiritual technologies from Buddhist age to 11 th century AD. All those technologies are capable to revive a damaged human body differently. Through this any of the disabilities can be normalized permanently by using Kaykalpa application. For us, the ancient knowledge, know how and application of ancient spiritual methodology are the assets and we dedicated to convey this knowledge to subsequent generations. We are working in the area of Disability eradication and normalization, training, research and technical discussions.

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