When you are donating to Heritage campus, you became the part of a global movement. It can be any amount whether it is small or big, that will encourage us to do faster and more effective implementation.  Every donor who donate a specific amount will get certain reservations on the services from Heritage campus. We are sure we can establish a practical solution for eradication of human conditions, because we prove that. And when it became a big topic and needy to all are of the world, so after equipping the infrastructure only we can announce it globally, buy will happen


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Our project is for eradication of human disability from the Erath by the year 2025.It is big task. Our technology is self sufficient to implement this worldwide. But infrastructure is the expensive part for this. Every donor gets privileged to promote.  Being an NGO, every activity is supported by the public and parents of the disabled children. We are inviting donors and promoters for social cause. We suggest, all the community members irrespective of profession and geographical location join with our global mission that we can make it our mission. Because it is for future generation

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