We have an international project called Mission 2025. Being technology owners’ of disabilities, we are indented to eradicate human disabilities by the year of 2025. As part of that we are giving technical teaching for volunteers from all the part of the society.  If you are a parent of disabled child ,or special educator ,or a professional working in the area of children’s issue ,then you can be involved with our global program. Submit your application here


You can be a student with heritage campus for research and study of relate with the aspect of ancient sciences relate with spirituality and its technical applications. It is open for all religions. If you are looking, you can change the world if you have the secret code for how it made? Guru Yogi Mohan teaches you the secret of creation and its sustainability for healthy living, survival and rival executions. People with more interest in physics connecting with indology and philosophy eligible for studentship .Or ask us if you have a special topic or interest


If you are a special educator or a parent and if you know one child with disabilities then you can promote them to get it normalized .You have a major role with them because after normalizing the disabilities there are lot tasks with it. They will be new in this world like Alice from wonderland; they don’t know anything during the past. All information around them needs to understand as new and avail them in to main stream of the society is one.

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