PROJECT 3 Down Syndrome under the age of 8 years

Down syndrome can be normalized in chromosome-based change. the chromosome will be changed in 8 weeks and intellectual, appearance and understanding ability level will be improved and can be lead a normal person. Using ancient spiritual technology one human body will start changing in 2 days itself. Feel and enjoy every moment   


PROJECT (1) Technology Training for teachers, Social Workers and Parents

21 days technical training providing for teachers, who is experienced with disabled children. This indented to eradicate human disability from the universe. By undergoing this technical section, one is capable to organize, recreate, and manage a child or a disabled to the mainstream of the society

PROJECT 2 Autism Cure program

​This program is exclusively designed for the children with autism. Autism can be normalized in 21 to 56 days as per the intensity of the nature of autism. However, it is an autistic can be a normal human being in behavior and understanding. Understanding the problem is very difficult task in Autism behavior. But it is very easy to understand about the human constitution of an autistic using our ancient terminology.



Learning disability is in different form in children. All kind of learning disability can be normalized in 5 days to 14 days span. After this span learning disability will be eliminated and grasping power attaining well for understanding, registering in mind. And they are well and good for recollecting the acquired database or knowledge what ever it is  .

Through the spiritual process and fellowship both the left and right brain will be activated.


Muscular dystrophy is a chromosomal disorder. It will not be curable as per medical theory. But by the spiritual process and terminology muscular dystrophy will be normalized and one can be reviving from this condition. In all cases for muscular dystrophy is required 90 days or more .


All the rare disease (more than 1000 nos of disease) can be normalized under the age of 12 years. If you want a specific definitions for such cases, what ever may be ,ask us to find out a solution .Definitely Veda Guru ,Guru Yogi Mohan will have guide line for you .

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